aCurator publication

aCurator publication

New Urban Legends is a Moma Film Foundation's project, where children from poor families in Warsaw participated in creative workshops. The photographs in this exhibition were taken in the Warszawa-Praga district during the third workshop entitled "Firemen".

The children were asked to devise fictional stories about the places where they lived. Each story was then scripted and subsequently made into a simple film, set in the backyard of their home with the children as the film crew and actors. The aim was to show them how a film production worked, what a photo session looks like, and what kind of creative jobs take place on the film set. I worked as a video assistant but always carried my Hasselblad. When the children decided to become their local fireman heroes I knew I had to jump at the opportunity to photograph them. I was fascinated by their transformation. I asked them to pose, stare at the camera seriously but at all times be themselves. The photographs in this exhibition present the children in their moment of glory. They all have a story to tell, as do I. I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to work on the New Urban Legends project and was able to create a series of photographs that tell their own story”.


Urszula Tarasiewicz


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