Project New Urban Legends

New Urban Legends Project by Urszula Tarasiewicz / Ula Tara.

Some people see it as a place full of magic and a specific atmosphere, old tenement houses, galleries, taverns visited by artists. Others, and there is a majority of them, "Praga" in Warszawa is an unsafe district of poverty, dilapidating buildings, where it is dangerous to stay at night and unpleasant during the daytime. It has several foundations that try to help and change the situation of the residents. Their projects are aimed at – most of all –  children, since the older generation is not susceptible to changes any more, instead – it is mistrustful. One of these foundations is the Moma Film, which realized the New Urban Legends project, within which kids from the poorest Praga families participated in the creativity workshops. First, in the literary classes during which they were thought up fictional stories about the place where they lived. In turn these stories turned into screenplays of films shot with the participation of children as actors, directors and cameramen. This way different stories were created, like this New Urban Legends - Firemen who rescued a baby from a burning tenement house. I was workin at the set as wideo assitent , but I also took my old Hasselblad and took pictures. In my fascination I observed joy with which the children were transforming into fairy tales’ characters, how extremely seriously they played their acting roles, how freely and eagerly they abandoned, if only for a moment, their personalities and impersonated someone strikingly different – more awesome, happier, reputable. A hero who had done something amazing and was adored by her/his family and the local community. It is these findings that sealed to the inception of the New urban Legends Photographic Project, which is not a workshop documentation but a autonomous presentation.

  This narration is a basis of picture series by Ula Tarasiewicz which is being presented at the exhibition at Art Galerie in Siegen in Germany 2012 and in Oslo Norway at Bølgen & Moi 2012.

We invite you to the artist's website, there are more photos from this project. Collector's prints in a limited edition available, please contact us.


Urszula Tarasiewicz


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