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Photography stores memories, moments become emotions. My pictures are my haiku, I take them because of my need to preserve the light, places, conection with another human beings. Collecting photographs is like collecting moments. Here and now of the artist. It is the need to see the world not only through our own eyes, but also from the  perspective and experience of other people.

Surrounding with art means getting to know each other, being open to others. It is the curiosity about what is behind this form.

  Here at Wallphotex, my passion for photography meets the usability – I want to present artworks outside art galleries. I want to see my photos get a new life in different interiors giving them unique character. I offer limited edition hand-signed work of photography. 

  I also play with the style of the photo wallpapers, I struggle with perceiving it as kitsch, I use this medium of a large print for my original statements.

  Łódź, Polska, 1998. I graduate from The Photography Department at Lodz Film School. I present the graduation work in my apartment, I install huge photographs on the walls, my first original photomurals.

  This is how my Wallphotex concept begins. I’ve been promoting the art of photography and presenting it for individual and business clients for many years.

photographer Urszula Tarasiewicz

Hotel andel's, Poland, exhibition Ogrodowa/Garden Street

Urszula Tarasiewicz BIO /b. 1975/ studied Photography at the Leon Schiller National Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre in Łódź, Poland. Her path as a photographer began with a Major Project completed under the supervision of Professor Wojciech Prażmowski, in which she used the, largely forgotten now, technique of photo wallpaper. Tarasiewicz is based in Poland and Norway, where she has gained her professional experience on film sets.


The works from the series New Urban Legends which are on display at the andel’s Hotel in Łódź /curator Lucyna Sosnowska/ have won the portrait category at the 2010 Curator’s Contest of the Photo District News Magazine, the 2012 New Talent Award of the German edition of the FotoMagazine, the 2012 Ars Victoria Book Award of the Photographers’ Network in Germany, as well as the contest of the Norwegian photography website for a place at the 17#Debutantutstilling 2012 exhibition in Oslo. The New Urban Legends series has been exhibited in, among others, the Milk Gallery NYC (2010), the Art Galerie Siegen (2012), Bølgen & Moi Briskeby Oslo (2012), and the Wypieki Kultury gallery in Warsaw (2013, curator Agnieszka Gniotek).

Other photo series by Urszula Tarasiewicz have been shown internationally: in the US at the Critical Mass exhibition (2012), the series The Future Is So Bright created in Norway during the Artist in Residence program at the Halsnøy monastery was presented at a group exhibition in Norway in 2013 and in Warsaw in 2015 at the Ja to Ktoś Inny show /curator Klima Boheńska/, at the Krinzinger Galerie in Vienna during the group exhibition Call Me on Sunday (2014, curator Ursula Maria Probst), at the Jam Factory gallery in Oxford (2014), in Stuttgart at the Face to Face show (2014), at the Bunkier Sztuki gallery in Kraków during the show Kasa z Widokiem /curator Lidia Krawczyk/. In 2015, as one of only two people from Poland, Tarasiewicz was selected for the Third Annual New York Portfolio Review, sponsored by the New York Times Lens blog and the City University of New York’s Graduate School of Journalism.

You can find more art projects on the author's private website.


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