Prices and editions

Prices and editions

In Wallphotex gallery we care about the art of photography and its production. We also want to promote collector photography and provide clients with knowledge about our products.

We offer Limited edition photography, we limit and describe the number of copies of a given photograph on the market. We produce the prints at the trusted Holy Art Labolatory in Warsaw, inserting certificates for our work.

We have special editions 100x100 cm or 80x120 cm in the amount of 5 copies from the photo. Here, prices are in the limit of 1.000 EURO for a print signed by the author. Limited editions are available in 60x60 cm or 60x90 cm formats and have 20 copies. Their prices range from 350 EURO to 450 EURO for a signed copy. Limited editions of small formats 30x30 cm or 40x60 cm also have the edition of 20 copies but their prices are a 90 EURO promotional offer aimed at encouraging you to collect art of photography.

We try to encourage young collectors, people looking for pleasure in owning original photographs. We are open to an individual approach to the production of our works, we can change the types of paper and formats for you, close the edition of a given work depending on your needs.


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